Monday, January 17, 2011

FRIENDSHIP: The state of being friends

BEST friend are the one who is closest to you, someone whom you can rely on, someone who listens to all your problems etc. Sounds too perfect right? I always wonder, are these so called best friends really exists? Seriously? By the way, BFF is the trend now. Back to the topic. Many people claimed that they are BFF's and yet they still talk behind each other. They act as if nothing can separate them but the truth is they are pretending. Pretending to care, pretending to be so happy, pretending to appreciate and so on. Deep inside they hate each other and why do you think they are still friends?

Save me from my best friend. Your best friend is your friend as well as your enemy. Why? Because they know all your darkest secrets which you don't want anyone to know. If they are true, they will keep it as a secret until the day they die but if they betray your trust, you will be in the front page. So people, my message here is, if you claimed someone to be your BFF, accept them the way they are, no matter what. Accept their good and bad, not selling stories about their defection. If you really appreciate friendship, never back stab them especially if they are close to you.

Nobody's perfect and neither do you. For me, a true friend never judge you no matter who you are (I have one and only one). You are what you are. Just an honest opinion, no offense.

P/S:  My English, not so good.. hehe

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